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 Lenovo Partner Credit

Lenovo Partner Credit

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Gain an advantage over the competition through Lenovo Partner Credit. Lenovo Partner Credit, a program of De Lage Landen, offers the ability to have more equipment on hand for faster delivery, time and time again, through a cost-effective alternative finance source.

Benefits of Lenovo Partner Credit
  • 60 Days interest free inventory financing
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Credit line dedicated exclusively to Lenovo Products
  • Better cash flow management
  • Increased profitability
  • 100% advance on inventory purchases
  • Ease of borrowing
  • Consolidation of payables with common due dates
  • Higher credit line increases purchasing power
  • Online efficiencies
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Program Introduction 
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Requirements for Partner Credit Approval

  • Applicant is owned and operated in the United States, or is a branch of an international organization operating in the United States
  • Credit lines available up to $250,000
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For more information, please contact:
Dave Healy, Program Manager
Tel. 800-488-0031


 Lenovo Financial Services (LFS) - Promotions Available

Lenovo Partner Credit
We make financing easy for you and your customers in several important ways.

Lightning fast credit decisions
  • 50% of credit decisions are provided in seconds for deals <$250,000.
  • If we can’t give an instant answer, we typically have one for you within one to two hours.

Up-sell with auto-credit lines

  • When your credit applicant qualifies for a higher dollar amount, we automatically provide approval up to $250,000.
  • Use the higher figure to up-sell your client.

Earn more gross profit

  • Enhance your GP up to 5% leveraging our competitive rates and promos.
  • Earn a 1% bonus on Fair Market Value (0.5% on $1 out purchase option) transactions under $250,000.

Dedicated sales support

  • We handle the entire process for you. We can work with you or directly with your customer.

Other ways we help you to profit

  • Industry-leading allowances for soft costs: 40% vs. typical 20-25%.
  • We finance the entire solution. Non-Lenovo products and software are allowed. Full range of life-cycle management services.

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Business Partner Packet (Partner login required.)
Customer Packet


Lenovo Financial Services Programs

Special Tablet Leasing Incentive
Business Partners can receive a 1% rebate on low-rate, Fair Market Value leases when the transaction contains Lenovo tablets.
Learn More >

Buy Now. Pay Later.
No payments for 90 Days.
Learn More (Business Partner) >

Learn More (End User) >

Enhance Your Income
LFS will pay an incentive on all eligble Fair Market Value (FMV) lease transactions for a limited time.
Learn More >

Flexible Software Financing
Finance a 100% software-only purchase or bundle a solution of hardware, software and services.
Learn More >

Windows and Office Migration
Lenovo Financial Services can provide a solution to refresh your technology in the most cost effective way.
Learn More >

LFS Pricing

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Getting started with Lenovo Financial Services

We require a simple review process to gain approval for Lenovo Financial Services and a signed program agreement.

Call or email to start the review process or obtain more information.

Phone number: 888-537-8838
Email: Sales.US@LenovoFS.com