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Windows 8: Beautiful, Fast, Fluid

Microsoft's sleekest, most innovative operating system yet. Built around touch technology and tiled applications, the OS takes the PC experience to a new level of customization, consumption, and creation.

Created specifically for the new Windows 8 OS, Lenovo has combined the best hardware and software features to create Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8.

Interact: Touch, Type, Click, Wave

10-finger multitouch displays and pen input Lenovo's user experience teams have finely honed touch input across all of our platforms to give you greater accuracy and control. Perfect for multiplayer games.

Our legendary keyboards are now even better. More comfortable. More accurate. Still spill-resistant. Lenovo has set a new benchmark for the industry and added simplified control for Windows 8. Multimedia controls and indicator lights add convenience, plus many models include backlighting, so even in dimly lit surroundings you're unhindered.

Intelligent touchpads optimized for Windows 8. One clean, smooth surface, with easy scroll and zoom functions.

Lenovo Motion Control lets you navigate and execute commands through simple gestures. Yes, it's a lot like magic! Conveniently flip through your ebook. Scroll through your photos. Skip to the next song.

Connect: Quick Resume & Connect

Pick up where you left off. Wake from sleep in less than 2 seconds and quickly connect to the internet.

Lenovo Cloud Storage
Access to your files, from anywhere on any device. Auto-sync content, back-up data, and share files across Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. 5GB free storage. Data is encrypted on transfer for an extra level of security. Plus, single sign-on with a Lenovo ID.

Discover: Adaptable Ergonomics, Exclusive Lenovo Tools, A World of Apps

Adaptable Ergonomics.
We make devices that conform to you. Patented lay-flat all-in-one (AIO) designs—the industry's widest adjustable screen angles—plus, exclusive multimedia remotes, and Bluetooth® mice and keyboards that make working with your computer more relaxing.

Exclusive Lenovo Tools.
Discover all the amazing things you can do. Learn how to get the most from your PC with Lenovo Companion. Monitor your system performance with Lenovo Support. Stay up to date and get exclusive music, games, and video content delivered to you.


Lenovo Companion - Become the PC user you always wanted to be. Learn about new apps, what they do and how to get them.
Lenovo Support - Be at ease with your PC. Understand your system's performance. Know when to take action and how to address the need.
Lenovo Mobile Access - Stay connected as long as you want with exclusive pay-as-you-go broadband solution.
Lenovo Settings - Controls in one place to optimize your device performance.
Lenovo QuickSnip - Snip it.  Crop it. Save it. Share it. Easy, fast, and a really cool way to capture and share your experience.

A World of Apps.
Discover and download thousands of apps. Choose from Microsoft's Windows 8 store or Lenovo's curated collection of optimized apps.

Windows 8 Resources

Windows 8 Guides

- Partner Ready Handbook
- Sales Guide

Windows 8 Training

- Intro to Windows 8

Windows 8 Presentations

- License Verification & Activation
- Creating Marketing Materials
- Value for SMB
- Intro to Selling Windows 8
- Selling Windows 8
- Apps
- Best of Both Worlds
- Charms
- Internet Explorer 10
- Personalizing
- Productivity Advantages
- Selling Themes (Windows 8)
- Selling Themes (Windows RT)
- SkyDrive
- User Accounts
- SMB User Accounts


Lenovo Systems with Windows 8

The Think systems listed below feature the Windows 8 operating system. Other 2012 laptops and desktops may be available for upgrade.

ThinkPad Tablets
ThinkPad Tablet 2

ThinkPad Laptops & Ultrabooks™
ThinkPad Edge E130
ThinkPad Edge E135
ThinkPad Edge E330
ThinkPad Edge E335
ThinkPad Edge E430
ThinkPad Edge E435
ThinkPad Edge E530
ThinkPad Edge E535
ThinkPad Edge S430
ThinkPad L430
ThinkPad L530
ThinkPad T430
ThinkPad T430s
ThinkPad T430u
ThinkPad T530
ThinkPad Twist
ThinkPad X1 Carbon
ThinkPad X230
ThinkPad X230t
ThinkPad W530

ThinkCentre Desktops & All-in-One PCs
ThinkCentre Edge 72
ThinkCentre Edge 92
ThinkCentre Edge 62z
ThinkCentre Edge 72z
ThinkCentre Edge 92z
ThinkCentre M72e
ThinkCentre M78
ThinkCentre M82
ThinkCentre M92p
ThinkCentre M92z (20" & 23")